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Today you can gain access to the entire DoubleYour Wellness Knowledge Vault. Learn from videos on how to improve the key areas of your life, including health and nutrition, physical fitness, love and relationships, and personal development. And yes its FREE... but not for long.

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Hi, I'm John Green

If you’re anything like me, as you approach your mid-forties and beyond, you may have noticed that:

  • you're getting out of shape
  • you're feel exhausted all the time
  • you've lost your old energy and motivation
  • your sex life is not getting any better
  • you're maybe generally a bit disappointed in how your life has turned out...

In other words, you're maybe in the middle of what most of us call a mid-life crisis.

My friend, I have been there. I had my own share of health problems (I took too many sick days), relationship failures (my girlfriend walked out on me) and financial troubles (I was virtually bankrupt and owed tax authorities over $100,000).

Finally, after years of searching for a solution to all of my problems, I had a breakthrough.

At last, I started getting consistent reliable, sometimes even PROFOUND, results that left me looking and feeling at least 10 years younger!

I felt more alive than I had in decades. The differences were nothing short of astonishing.

So you probably want to do know what I did right?

To cut a long story short... I asked experts.

But now I hear you ask does this help YOU? Well... I actually interviewed them and recorded it all on video - all of their most effective, practical and proven tips and secrets. It's all on about 50 bite-sized videos, each one easily watchable when you've got a few spare minutes. So YOU can get the same maximum results in minimum time that I did.

And the best thing about this is that at the moment you can access it for FREE!
This is a new offer and I just ask for comments and feedback. No credit card or payment required.

Take a look at what's inside the vault

Double Your Wellness

Transform your life by being responsible for your health. Get regular check ups, avoid unhealthy habits and foods, keep away from toxic emotions, and have a positive mental attitude. Tony Phillips and I talk about all that and more in this introductory video series.

Fitness for Men and Women Over 40

We talk about eating and exercise, training tools and equipment, getting a proper fitness assessment and many more, with fitness expert Emre Alkan.

Diet and Nutrition

Nutritional Therapist and certified Metabolic Balance Coach, Sanna Anderson and I talk about how to make diets work for you, the importance of knowing your metabolism to gain the best results, various food groups and how they affect your body and many more.

Motivation and Personal Development

Do you want to do more, be more than who you are right now? Get pumped as you listen to two professional coaches (Tony Phillips and Judith Pentz) talk about how to find your calling, how to set and achieve goals, the different tools you can use to maintain a healthy mindset, how to get rid of limiting beliefs and a lot more.

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Love and Relationships

Do you struggle with intimacy, sex and relationships? Relationship counsellor and sex therapist Joyce Walter sheds some light into the following topics (to name a few): how to resolve conflict in your relationship, the relationship between porn addiction and sexual performance, how to have more connected, authentic, meaningful sex and the importance of love languages.

Fashion and Style for Men Over 40

Having great style doesn’t just make you look good – it also makes you feel good. In this set of videos, men’s style expert Edwin Dyson reveals several straightforward tips that make you instantly look more “current,” stylish, attractive and appealing.

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Double Your Wellness Knowledge Vault

Improve the key areas of your life, including health and nutrition, physical fitness, love and relationships, and personal development